Yacool Daily Inspiration – 235

Art by Арсений ArseniXC Чебынкин

Photographer Isac Goulart

Grey London in Color
Grey London in Color It's so hard to carry a tripod with a big camera AND an umbrella.  The number of ways you can severely pinch yourself must be in the thousands.  There is the right-hand-hold-the-umbrella-and-camera-together method.  This keeps the left hand free to zoom, but there is no hand left to secure the ballhead.  So, that only kinda works, but you have to do the strange reach-around.  It's about as much fun as using your left hand to get exactly 45 cents out of your right pocket.  Another method is using your neck to secure the umbrella, but that gets out of control very very quickly in the wind.    The last method is usually the one I do -- and that is just to let myself get soaked.  I feel only a tiny bit miserable, but I can sometimes be so focused that I can push that discomfort away while I'm focused on the photography bit.  - Trey Ratcliff  Read the rest here at the Stuck in Customs blog.


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