From – Windows 8 inspired start page

Considering whether to make JPolite 3 look like this … not a technical feasibility decision, but a user experience one 🙂


2 comments on “From – Windows 8 inspired start page

  1. Interesting idea. Seems to be the trend! Not sure if small tiles are the best way to communicate the info on larger screens though (windows 8 aside!). If each panel is a DIV I guess it could be flexible enough to support them either as a large number of small tiles, or a small number of big ones.

    How is JPolite going? I was looking at implementing JP2 into my app but noticed no updates since early 2010. Any plans to update it for later versions of JQuery?


    • @Mark,

      I guess tiles with same sizes big enough for elder people to touch with fingers would be welcome.

      Too bad entangled in many different projects recently. I don’t feel like updating JP2, if you have any compatibility issues with latest jQuery, I’ll find time to help you fix.

      Will soon have some time to make progress on JP3, focusing on new experiences inspired by iOS, MacOS and other new stuff.

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