Inspirational Stuff on JPolite3

While JPolite V1 is an initial attempt to ease portal development, V2 goes even further into code structure improvement for better development support. But the question has been haunting me for some time, that what about V3, even more developer oriented enhancement? Or something else?

Checking through designers’ portfolios, I came across this Nike Bauer site design, sorta old news but still inspiring to me.

And then this conceptual video about a collaborative research project initiated by Bonnier R&D on future magazine reading experiences.

Plus this Tablet experience demo:

Now that my mind is made up that JPolite V3 will focus on user experience innovation, to mimic or incorporate above conceptual ideas and more, with just HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Also struck me is an old saying “… the future is already here. It’s just not very evenly distributed” by William Gibson from 1999