OpenVoice Interview

Actually this one is a bit late, since the interview took place almost a week ago. Anyway you can get a lot more background info regarding JPolite.

Thanks a lot to Schalk Neethling!


2 comments on “OpenVoice Interview

  1. Hi
    Great Plugin 🙂
    I would like to use it on my webapps so I got few questions.
    1. How to get actual json _columnLayout after changing the order at the website? I know some info is stored at cookies but I need some function to get it.

    2. How to block some modules to fall into given container? For ex. Very wide module int narrow container.

    3. I think that dropping into container need some enhencement because often it is hard to drop on destined container. Inner pink rectangle not always apprear when it should especialy when the container is empty.

    4.Why did you use Bluetrip instead Blueprint?


    • Hi, Michal,

      1. 1. The variable _columnLayout is a global variable always accessible, but the actual definition of column width is not in PX but as CLASS (e.g., span-11, see screen.css for more). To retrieve current width of a column, simply use $("#c1").width()
      2. 2. That’s a requirement I didn’t anticipate, by default all 3 columns are connected sortable container. To work around, try $("#c1").sortable( 'disable' )
      3. 3. You’re right, I’ve noticed the problem but haven’t quite figured it out. Since I use the jQuery UI sortable feature, maybe it’s caused by HTML markup more complex than example
      4. 4. BlueTrip “combined the best of Blueprint, Tripoli, Hartija,, and Elements” 🙂

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