Poup and Dropdown menu

Now a popup menu module and dropdown navigation menu support has been added with simple markup syntax and style settings.

Popup Menu Dropdown Menbu

Try out the updated online demo as well as the code 🙂


3 comments on “Poup and Dropdown menu

  1. Love the new JPolite! Was wondering how to set an initial theme in your demo without the popup dialog for theme select? Appears be loading via Javascript when the DOM is ready

    Any help would be appreciated


    • Hi, Steve,

      In index.html “head” section, you will find the following lines:

      These are the 3 stylesheets you can switch in the demo, for a production system, I think one is enough.

      Anyway you can use the code in index.html under “Key New Features” section to switch between styles.
      Or do it manually under “View” menu in Firefox.

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