JPolite2 – Close to Launch :)


Check it out!

Features Done:

  • Integration of BlueTrip CSS framework, with Grid System applied on column layout
  • Intregration of Gritter as an utility function to notify users
  • Integration with jQuery UI controls plus themes, as well as module drag-n-drop
  • Complete rewritten of code structure, a smaller core with a strong customization system
  • Module Types – various types of modules can be included and applied on modules easily
  • Theme Support – three sample themes with a switcher,  “Modern”, “Sliver” and “Classic
  • Comprehensive Customization guides
  • Layout Persistencecookie based layout persistence sample, can be customized to save remote store
  • XDO – A RESTful resource presentation layer powered by Chain.js, with messaging and event handling
  • Documentation online


  • A generic Theme Builder based on LESS CSS is being developed

6 comments on “JPolite2 – Close to Launch :)

    • Mmm, JPolite2 is in essence a front-end project, user mgmt will inevitably involve two technical decisions: application server and database. So it was intentionally left blank to give users freedom of choice. Anyway, since I’ve got some requests about it, I’ll include a minimal sample solution based on Ruby on Rails and/or PHP, with SQLite / MySQL as DB.

  1. Great framework! Have started integrating this into my project and was wondering how layout persistence can be customized to be saved remotely instead of using cookie?

    • Hi, D,

      Just reply the layoutPersistence methods in jpolite.ext.js:

      s.layoutPersistence = [
      function() {
      //This function is used to load layout, from cookie in this example
      //To load from server side, try $.ajax({url:'serverside_layout.php', async:false})
      return window["eval"]("(" + $.cookie('jpolite2layout') + ")")
      function(s) {
      //This function is used to save layout, from cookie in this example
      //To save to server end, try $.ajax({type:'POST', data:s, url:'serverside_layout.php', async:false})
      return $.cookie('jpolite2layout', s);

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